Distance from Tikrit to Hawija


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110 km 81.1 km

68.1 ml 50.4 ml


1 h 49 m

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mph km/hr

Fuel consumption

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3.03 gal.

Fuel cost

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Fuel cost

$ 10.6

dollars per gallon

Distance between cities Tikrit and Hawija

Distance between cities Tikrit and Hawija is about 110 km which is 68.1 ml when driving by road through شارع الاربعين, شارع العلم الرئيسي, Bayji-Kirkuk Road. The direct distance by air, as if you take a flight - 81.1 km or 50.4 ml.

How long will the trip take?

If you are traveling by car and will drive at an average speed of 37 ml/h or 59 km/h at least 24 hours per day, then you will need 1 h 49 m to get to your destination.

Calculate the cost, fuel consumption

The consumption of petrol or other fuel that is used in your car on the entire route is 3.1 gall or 11.0 lit. at a consumption of 10 lit./100 km or 22 MPG that will cost you about $10.8 at the cost of petrol $3.5 per gallon. If you plan a roundtrip the fuel cost will be $undefined.

To get more precise information, depending on the cost of petrol and fuel consumption of your car, please use the fuel consumption calculator on this page.

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