Map, distances between cities. Ethiopia

Need to know the distance between cities when planning a trip? Do you know what will be the price of fuel? Agree that a good trip planning is very important for an excellent journey!

Distances inside Ethiopia region

Dessie - Wegel Tena 114 ml
Gondar - Addis Ababa 412 ml
Bale - Addis Ababa 177 ml
Dodola - Addis Ababa 180 ml
Addis Ababa - Lalibela 426 ml
Debre Markos - Bahir Dar 158 ml
Dire Dawa - Nedjo 588 ml
Dilla - Nedjo 540 ml
Nekemte - Nedjo 114 ml
Debre Markos - Dembi Dolo 413 ml

Distances outside Ethiopia region

Debre Markos - Debkali Dharampura 3 197 ml